autism charities

Even if your family isn’t directly impacted by autism, autism affects enough people that, statistically, you will have the opportunity to interact with someone on the autism spectrum. The more you know about autism, the more you can help make your interactions positive.

For example, would you be comfortable babysitting a child with autism? Here are a few things to think about, if you have the chance to babysit a child with autism.

  • Take Some Time to Learn About Autism. Information is power, and you will feel more comfortable caring for a child with autism when you know more about the condition. Each child is different, so ask the parents how their child’s autism impacts their life specifically.
  • Learn the Routine and Stick to It. Schedule, routine and rules are all very important to most people who struggle with autism. If you take the time to learn the standard routine and try to stick to it as much as possible when you are babysitting, you will help the child you are caring for feel more comfortable and secure.
  • Ask Questions. If you feel unsure about anything, just ask the parents. You may want to ask about their child’s communication skills or favorite foods. Ask if their child is uncomfortable with hugs or other interactions, and find out how they would like you to handle any behavioral problems, if they come up.

If you really want to help a family with autism, take the time to learn about autism charities. Many families who are directly impacted by autism are so overwhelmed by their own routines, that they don’t have time to learn about resources that are available to them. If you are willing to be their advocate, you can connect them to valuable resources. You can contact us for more information on how Ady’s Army helps families impacted by autism.


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