Ady’s Barracks-Caleb

Let me introduce you to Caleb. Caleb is considered to be non-verbal because he only mimics everything someone else says. He is always on the go (even at night). He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He fills our days singing, dancing, and clapping to the 80’s hairband music. He also loves hot wheel cars (lining them up by colors and saying the make and model of each and every one). He rocks, spins, flaps his hands,... Read more

Ady’s Paws-Brylee and Madison

Brylee is a beautiful 4 ½ year old little girl. She was diagnosed with nonverbal autism spectrum disorder when she was 2 years old.  Brylee was a happy, healthy baby who hit all her developmental milestones on time up until she was a year old.  By the time Brylee was 18 months old, her mom knew there was something wrong.  During Brylee’s 2 year checkup, it was decided that she needed to be evaluated for autism.  As her parents, going... Read more