Ady’s Barracks – Isla

Meet Isla Grace Craft. She is 3 years old with a beautiful smile that melts your heart.   Let me tell you how her story began. Lee and I joined Grace Life Baptist Church in Bessemer, AL in  March of 2014 . We wanted to get in to missions so our Pastor suggested something domestic. We ended up in Springdale, Arkansas the following May to witness and share the Gospel with a large community of Marshallese people.  Our Senior Pastor, along... Read more

Ady’s Paws – Ace

Ace entered the world 3 days after his expected arrival date, weighing in at 6lbs 5oz. Ace was hitting all major milestones earlier than expected. He walked at 10 1/2 months; knew his letters and the sounds they made by 16 months, before he could really form full sentences. He read fluently before he turned 3 years old and his math skills were beyond anything we ever imagined possible. So as parents with a 3 year old who knew multiplication... Read more